Bias on Campus



Campus die-ins, boycotts, mock eviction notices and other actions perceived as anti-Semitic have caught some Jewish college students off guard or made them feel unsafe. Subtler incidents, such as professors who express biases about Middle East politics, are equally unsettling, especially for students coming from Westchester where there are so many Jewish people.

Dozens of college students home on break and their parents convened at the JCC of Mid-Westchester earlier this month to address concerns about anti-Israel incidents on campuses and to network with representatives from Jewish National Fund and StandWithUs, an international organization dedicated to combating anti-Semitism and supporting pro-Israel groups.

Five local parents — Shoshana Bederman, Tamar Ben-Simon, Bonnie Katzenstein, Sharon Freudenstein and Ziva Zaff, founders of Students & Parents Against Campus Anti-Semitism — organized the event with panelists who led breakout conversation groups to focus on the issues of the day.

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