Apartheid Week at Columbia University: This Time It Was Different!

This year Students Supporting Israel @ Columbia (SSIC) were there to counter the lies and fabrications presented by Students for Justice of Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace with an effective and thoughtful presentation of facts. They presented Israel's diverse population, respect for human rights and global contributions. The effect was amazing; many students stopped at the SSIC tables, thanking them for putting together a counter-campaign and have a presence. SJP also came by to provoke SSIC students, but walked away when asked to engage in a
civilized dialogue. 

Bravo to the pro-Israel students who showed the Columbia Community that Israel is nothing like an Apartheid State.


Students & Parents Against Campus Anti-Semitism (SPACA) seeks to empower and educate college students to stand up to anti-Israel campaigns and anti-Semitism on college campuses.