Interested in seeing what SPACA Events have to offer?  Browse the galleries below to view photos and videos taken at our past events.

Ambassadors Against BDS - International Summit at the UN - May 31, 2016

SPACA Members joined the First UN International Summit against BDS. -Building bridges not boycotts!!!

Israel on Our Minds - January 16, 2016

Israel on Our Minds began with a showing of the film "Crossing the Line II" and featured special guests from the film and from colleges across the country.

Adversity and Advocacy - January 07, 2016

Adversity and Advocacy was a provocative program focusing on confronting the assertion that Zionism is a form of racism.  Featured speaker Chloe Valdary, seen in the film "Crossing the Line II", is a prominent and respected voice on campuses across the country advocating for the right of the Jewish people to have a Jewish state.  Other speakers included college activists Justin Hayet and Jenna Zitomer. Attendees were encouraged to talk about their own experiences and engage with the speakers and each other in a constructive dialogue.